Odor Eliminator Sprays



Odor Eliminators from SMELLS BEGONE®

Odor eliminators from SMELLS BEGONE® are the ideal solution for areas of the home or office that have become overpowered with odors and stale air.  Rooms that aren’t used very often and areas of the home that are overused by kid and pets can lead to some tough odors, no matter how clean the area is kept.  Odor eliminators from SMELLS BEGONE® can help you get a handle on the odors found throughout your home, with a safe, non-toxic odor absorbing solid that freshens the air and provides an instant pick-me-up to any room in the home.

SMELLS BEGONE®  odor eliminating solids look like a candle, but don’t need a flame to heat up and distribute the scent.  Simply unscrew the cap and set on a stable surface and odor eliminators from Smells Begone start working immediately, absorbing even the toughest odors in your home and replacing them with fresh, clean scents that don’t overpower.  Odor eliminators from SMELLS BEGONE® don’t just cover up bad smells, they send odors packing, with strong absorbing solids designed to clean the air while providing a light, fresh scent.

An easy way to freshen the air in any room quickly is to place odor eliminators from SMELLS BEGONE® in front of an air vent or fan to facilitate in scent distribution.  This is a fast way to distribute a fresh scent evenly throughout the room, stimulating the senses and removing tough, lingering odors.  Getting ready for out of town guests or have unexpected family members dropping by for an extended visit?  Odor eliminators from SMELLS BEGONE® can freshen up a guest room or finished basement quickly and easily.  Simply place an odor eliminator from SMELLS BEGONE® in the room and go about your day cleaning and preparing, and by the time your guests arrive, the entire area will be filled with a fresh fragrance that never overpowers.

Clean, fresh smelling air is easy with the unique odor absorbing technology found in Smells Begone odor absorbers.  Available in a variety of scents, including those with citrus, floral and other fragrant notes, odor eliminators from SMELLS BEGONE® take air fresheners to a whole new level, providing premium fragrances without the need for a flame or a perfumed spray, which offer limited fragrance distribution and no odor absorbing qualities.  With SMELLS BEGONE® , odors are completely absorbed and replaced with a fresh scent.  A single SMELLS BEGONE® odor eliminating solid restores areas of approximately 450 square feet for around 90 days of enjoyment.  SMELLS BEGONE® takes care of even the toughest household odors without any toxic chemicals, making it easy to freshen up any area of the home, office or other location quickly and easily.  SMELLS BEGONE® solids are non-staining and are safe for use around pets and children.