Odor Absorbers


Odor absorbers from SMELLS BEGONE®

Odor absorbers from SMELLS BEGONE® offer a unique solution to your toughest household and office odors. The solid odor absorbers from SMELLS BEGONE® provide round-the-clock fragrance that is fresh and clean, with a variety of scents designed to stimulate the senses without overpowering them with heavy, over-done fragrances. Available in popular scents that include citrus notes, floral touches and other clean, smooth scents, let odor absorbers from SMELLS BEGONE® restore the air in your home or office, replacing tough odors with pure scents that everyone will love.

Safe, affordable and easy to use, odor absorbers from SMELLS BEGONE®offer a unique solution to even the slinkiest indoor odor problems. Not a candle and not a spray, the lightly fragrance solids can be used in any area of the home or office where help is needed controlling tough odors without having to worry about an open flame or worry about spraying unknown chemicals into the air. Simply unscrew the cap and place the solid in any area that needs freshening up.

Odor absorbers from SMELLS BEGONE® are safe for pets and fabric, are non-toxic and non-staining, making them perfect for use around the whole family. Smells Begone provides premium scents and cleans the air safely and completely, making the unique odor absorbing solids the ideal choice for families with small children and pets.

The SMELLS BEGONE® and ClearAir® odor absorbers are easy to use and much safer than scented candles or chemical-laden fragrance sprays. The odor absorbers from SMELLS BEGONE® are constantly absorbing odors, leaving a fresh scent behind that lasts for around 90 days. Designed for restoring air in areas of approximately 450 square feet, odor absorbers from SMELLS BEGONE® are easy and safe to use anywhere, including in both homes and offices. Simply unscrew the cap and place odor absorbing SMELLS BEGONE®solids anywhere where strong odors linger. Available in variety of pleasant, premium fragrances, odor absorbers from SMELLS BEGONE® are available with a scent that will please everyone.

Unlike designer candles and spray fragrances, which provide a temporary fragrance that is usually restricted to one small area of a room, odor absorbers from SMELLS BEGONE® contain a strongly concentrated scent that restores up to 450 square feet per solid. SMELLS BEGONE® takes care of even the toughest household odors, including kitchens, kid’s rooms, litter boxes and garbage storage areas. No matter where you want to freshen up the air, odor absorbers from SMELLS BEGONE® are an economical and safe choice. Offering a light fragrance that cleans the air instead of overpowering it, SMELLS BEGONE® fragrance solids are all you need to keep your home smelling fresh and clean throughout.