Worst Smells Ever

There are plenty of wonderful smells that fill the air around us each day, but unfortunately, it’s often the worst smells ever that we remember the most. While we may appreciate the smell of baking, fresh flowers or the smell of freshly mowed grass, the worst smells ever have a way of getting into your nose and staying there. The following is a list of the some of the worst smells ever – you’ve most likely been offended by at least one of these smells before!

Human/Animal Feces

The reason that the waste produced by humans and animals can be one of the worst smells ever is that it’s packed with bacteria. When we eat, the food passes all the way through the body and is expelled as either urine or feces. For those who eat a lot of green vegetables or a diet that is high in fat and sugar, their feces will be especially pungent.

Bad Seafood

Fresh fish and other seafood shouldn’t have a strong fishy smell when you bring it home. Instead, it should be odorless or smell slightly like the water that it came out of. Bad seafood is definitely one of the worst smells ever, as the odor can be incredibly offensive and difficult to get rid of.


While it may not be one of the worst smells ever when compared to the others, the smell of decaying leaves and grass floating through the air can be very offensive. The smell comes from the composting process itself, which requires the piling up of yard waste in order to let is rot.

Wet Dog

The “wet dog” smell is one that many pet owners will tell you is definitely one of the worst smells ever. While we don’t know exactly what causes that distinctive smell in dogs, it is believed to be caused by changes in the compounds that are found in wet dog hair, either chemical or biochemical.

Rotten Food

We’ve all smelled rotten food at one time or another and felt that it was the worst smell ever. A forgotten take-out box in the back of the fridge or a lost sandwich in a book bag can result in some of the foulest smelling odors you’ve ever come across, making for a nasty surprise.

Foot and Body Odor

You always know it when you smell it – a case of bad BO or foot odor can be incredibly repulsive if not taken care of. BO is caused by the smell of bacteria growing on the body. As the bacteria grow and multiple, they can quickly become smelly and offensive. This can be especially bad in the workplace where it can be tough tot get away, no matter how offensive the odor is.

Stagnant Water

Water that is filled with bacteria has a very distinctive smell that can be noticed from far off, making it one of the furthest travelling worst smells ever. Smelly, stagnant water isn’t just full of mosquitos and other insects; it can be very harmful to both humans and animals.