How to Remove Smoke Smell From Home

Have purchased your dream home, only find that smokers previously inhabited it?  Or, have you and your spouse recently decided to quit smoking after years of smoking indoors and are looking for a good way to clean up after years of smoke damage?  You may be wondering how to remove smoke smell from a house with methods that don’t involve heavy chemical treatments or high-priced professional services.  Smoke damage and the lingering odors that go along with it can be tough to deal with – especially when it’s in your home, where you go to relax and unwind.  To get rid of the toughest odors from stake smoke damage, there are some steps you can take to freshen the air and restore your home back to a much more enjoyable state.

First Step in Removing Smoke Smell from Homeremoving smoke smell

The first thing to do when you want to know how to remove smoke smell from a house is to the air the home out as much as possible.  Open the doors and windows and install ceiling fans to keep fresh air circulating throughout the home.  You should apply a deep cleaning treatment to your carpet using a home fabric care kit, or hire a carpet cleaning team in your area.  If the odors are too set in the fibers of the carpets in certain rooms, you may be better off just replacing it, as even the best cleaning methods can’t always correct deeply embedded smoke damage and stale odors.     Keep this in mind when you are looking into how to remove smoke smell from the house, as you don’t want to waste money trying to clean carpets that are actually damaged from years of smoking indoors.

Using an odor-eliminating product that neutralizes the smoking odors in the air is another important step when it comes to how to remove smoke smell from the house.  Products like Smells BeGone Odor removing sprays, gel odor absorbing beads and other all-natural products is an easy solution that can be highly effective when it comes to cleaning up a smoky house.  The products can get rid of even the toughest smells in your home and are safe to use around kids and pets.  Instead of masking a stale smoke smell with heavy perfumes and chemicals, Smells BeGone odor eliminating products provide fresh, clean scents that homeowners love.  A great alternative to living in a smoky, uncomfortable environment, you can experience an all-natural freshness throughout every room of the home, with clean air at every turn.  It’s one of the easiest ways to get rid of the smoke smells in the home, and is safe to use in every nook and cranny.  No matter how badly the stale odors are in your home, taking the right steps can make a big difference in the freshness and overall quality of the air in your home.  Smell BeGone products are a smart way to improve a stale, smoky situation fast, making your home smell like new in no time.