SMELLS BEGONE® Odor Removing Gel Beads

SMELLS BEGONE® Odor Removing Gel Beads

Odor Removing Gel Beads from SMELLS BEGONE®, available in four premium scents. A single jar restores freshness 450 square feet for around three months. Get one for every room!

SMELLS BEGONE® Pet Odor Remover

SMELLS BEGONE® Pet Odor Remover

A pet odor eliminator that freshens the air without filling it with overpowering perfumes and chemicals is a must for every pet owner. Removes pet odors while leaving a light, refreshing fragrance.

SMELLS BEGONE® Odor Absorbers

SMELLS BEGONE® Odor Absorbers

The solid odor absorbers from SMELLS BEGONE® provide round-the-clock fragrance that is fresh and clean, with a variety of scents designed to stimulate the senses without overpowering them with heavy, over-done fragrances

SMELLS BEGONE® Odor Eliminator

SMELLS BEGONE® Odor Eliminator

An All Purpose Spray - Use SMELLS BEGONE® to eliminate foul odors safely

and quickly. May also be sprayed on any odor source. Use every time you finish

cleaning to keep your living areas fresh and odor free.

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Keep your home or office smelling fresh day after day, no matter how many trouble areas you may have.  Stubborn pet odors, kid’s rooms, cooking odors and smoke can result in strong odors that quickly permeate through a home, resulting in unpleasant smells that can settle in and be difficult to remove.  No matter how much you clean, chances are that every room in your home could use some help from a room freshener that doesn’t leave an overly perfume-like smell that just covers up odors.  SMELLS BEGONE® offers a full line of in-home odor remover solutions for everyone who is concerned with removing odors from the home safely and completely.

SMELLS BEGONE®  odor removing and room freshening products don’t just cover up odors with chemicals and heavy fragrances, these powerful odor removers and air fresheners remove odors from the air, neutralizing them without the use of toxic ingredients.  Our easy to use selection of professional grade odor removers and room fresheners provide a fresh, clean scent that never overpowers.  SMELLS BEGONE® products purify the air and rid your home of stubborn stains and tough odors that even the strongest commercial odor removers can’t.

Odor AbsorbersWe offer a full line of odor removers and room fresheners that include odor absorbing gel beads and solids, odor eliminating sprays and foaming hand soap.  SMELLS BEGONE® products stand up to even the toughest odors with odor absorbing powers that basic air fresheners can’t match.  SMELLS BEGONE® products are an affordable way to instantly freshen up any space, removing odors and providing a freshness that will enliven any space in your home.  SMELLS BEGONE® products are available in a variety of fresh, light scents, including apple cinnamon, calming rain, lavender vanilla and sun washed linen, making it easy to find the perfect scent for every room in your home.

Odor Neutralizing BeadsDon’t let tough odors take over your home.  SMELLS BEGONE® makes preventing and removing odors in the home or office easy, with a full line of odor absorbers and odor eliminating sprays that last longer and that provide a fresher scent than traditional air fresheners.  Give up the can today and see how SMELLS BEGONE® absorbing solids, odor neutralizing gel beads and odor eliminating sprays can instantly freshen up any area of your home.  From messy kid’s rooms that often harbor hidden sources of odors to pet areas that never seem to get clean, SMELLS BEGONE® odor remover products freshen the air around you safely and completely, providing long lasting freshness and great scents that won’t let you down.

Office Odors: How to Control Bad Odors in the Workplace

19339119_sIt seems like such a miniscule, easily ignorable issue when you’re thinking about it now…but everyone knows how distracting it is when you’re at your desk, completely in the zone, typing away, and suddenly the slight-but-pungent smell of someone’s leftover onion and mystery-meat casserole emanating from the office microwave creeps into your nostrils.  You lose your train of thought, you stop thinking about your TPS report and begin thinking about what would bring someone to want to eat such a culinary monstrosity.

When someone mentions “office atmosphere”, people think visuals, little office perks, ergonomic chairs and office space, but odors in the workplace should also be a huge consideration in ensuring office productivity and focus.  Here are some of our tips on avoiding being “Smelly Food Guy” and other ways to control bad odors in the workplace.

Start Fresh

Sometimes funky office odors don’t have one specific source, but is rather caused by a random assortment of smelly things that build up over time.  Sometimes lighting a match for a couple seconds and putting it out in water, or letting a bowl of vinegar sit for the night is all you need to clear the air.  Afterwards, get a light, non-impactful odor eliminator to maintain the freshness and keep any other smells from encroaching in.

Don’t be the “Smelly Food Guy”

Yes, we understand that it’s very cost-effective and health-conscious to brown bag some food for the office.  We’re all for it, and do it ourselves.  However, be mindful of what you bring to the office.  Cold-cut sandwiches with deli meats and fresh veggies? Generally safe.  Tuna salad or reheated hard-boiled eggs?  Generally banned.  As a rule, try to avoid anything requiring heating up, seafood, garlic or onion-heavy foods, and certain ethnic foods.  Most of the times, these foods are better tasted than smelled, so be mindful of people around you who don’t get to try your signature deviled-eggs benedict.

Deep cleaning time?

Odors in the office can just build up as the building ages; mold and bacteria can start growing in the carpet, leading to a musky unpleasant smell.  In those cases, it may be worth it to have a carpet steamer service do a one-time cleaning periodically.  Mold-free carpets and air is also better for your employee’s respiratory systems.

Mind your person

Office smells don’t necessarily stem from things, they can stem from people too.  For everyone around you’s sake, mind your personal hygiene; hygiene issues are very awkward to confront someone about, and you don’t want to wait until someone needs to bring it up to you to take care of it.  On the other side, don’t over-cologne or perfume yourself – strong fragrances can be just as stifling as bad body odor.  If one of your coworkers suffers this issue, you may need to pull them aside some day and talk to them about it – it’s tough, but it’s better than suffering and allowing that person to go on being unaware of their…problem for months and years to come.

Offices should be a calming, neutral place that fosters concentration and creativity, and controlling odors in the workplace is a simple way to do that.  Strong fragrances can be just as distracting as gross smells, so choose a light-smelling odor eliminator to rid odors at the source and freshen up your work area – you and your co-workers will endlessly appreciate it.

Have your own smelly food guy story or tips on controlling office odors?  Tweet @smellsbegone or comment below!